The year is 2050. The place is New Columbia, the nation's capital since 2024, constructed over what was previously Denver, Colorado. The United States has suffered the extremeness of polarization. Factions separated by race, politics, religion, and special interests have turned the melting pot into a jigsaw puzzle and now the pieces of the puzzle have fallen apart. A new political party has taken control and the Alternative Party manages to pass their greatest act of legislation...The State Sovereignty Act. The power of the federal government has been severely cut but now there are 50 different 'state' units of power, each vying to push their own agenda. Once the Federal government took back control, the die was cast and the damage was done. The result is an even greater division among the classes. And in this future a wanderer walks the night, a lost and angry soul possessed by questions. A man who no longer exists. Searching for a woman named Opal, who may have the answers. Tatters, as he is known to the people of the streets, is guided by the suggestions of a ghost named Saltev, whom he must avenge. But, to do so, he must infiltrate a powerful and mysterious organization within the government called Phase Ten. Tatters is a man walking the fine line between life and death…He is a man afraid of dying…again. MERLIN: THE LEGEND BEGINS:
Before there was King Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table, there was Merlin. In the year 410 A.D., a divided and decaying Rome calls the last of her occupying forces from the island of Britain. With the Roman legions gone, British warlords and foreign invaders alike begin to battle for control of the small isle. In the region known today as Wales, one warlord at last gains enough prominence to take the title "King". His name is Vortigern. It is the tenth year of his reign, 435 A.D., and that is where our story begins…
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