Pat Mills is the creator of 2000AD, now in its 40th year, and still writes for the Galaxy's Greatest Comic. He is also the creator of Action, and co-creator of the following: Battle, the girls supernatural comic Misty, Marshal Law, Requiem Vampire Knight, the anti-war saga Charley's War, described as "the greatest British comic strip ever created", and the black comedy text novel Serial Killer.

For 2000AD, he developed Judge Dredd, and, with the artists, created Mach One, Savage, Slaine, Harlem Heroes, Flesh, Nemesis, Greysuit, Defoe, ABC Warriors and Ro-Busters. As well as Third World War for 2000AD's Crisis, which led to the 2000AD series Finn.

Although he wrote Punisher 2099 for Marvel, Metalzoic and Batman for DC Comics, and Marshal Law for Marvel Epic, he is one of the few British writers to be uninterested in mainstream American superheroes and prefers instead writing for the French comic book market with series like Sha and Requiem Vampire Knight (available in English language edition through Comixology).

His Accident Man, co-created with Tony Skinner, is now a Vilm starring Scott Adkins.