Latin America: State of Fury (L.A.S.O.F) #1

Between Memories & Nostalgia Part I
Year 2056: Cornelia a young teenage girl from Buenos Aires, Argentina lives a life filled with all the joys and comforts that having a good family and friends should give; the protection from everything and anything feeling that together she can withstand it all. Suddenly she wakes up to a grim and dim reality: blood, dust and ash cover the landscapes and cities as Cornelia faces the hardships that war, biological experiments and natural disasters bring because of it, she meets a mysterious man that seems to know her from somewhere and that will shape how her new life begins in the remanants of the newly founded Latin American Union, as she faces all the challenges and horros that come with it. Will you accompany Cornelia through this perilous journey where only the tough and weridly-humoured survive? Or will you succumb to the dangers that lie deep within the bowels of scientific progress in the name of humanity spewing out abominations and madness of every shape and form imaginable; humans, monsters, maybe something more? The choice is yours, welcome to this new Latin America: State of Fury.
Comedy Gore Horror Mature Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
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33 Pages

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November 8 2017

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17+ Only

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